Rescue Robort

Winner of the 2018 Software Engineering Prize, the University Adelaide

We developed a rescue robot using Lego MindStorm EV3 kit. This robot could detect and identify the survivor, obstacle, and boundary in the rescue scenario. The robot is able to search a two-story building to locate all survivors.

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EER-Tutor System Enhancement

The EER-tutor is a web-based Intelligent Tutoring System provides customized instruction to learn conceptual database modelling. The enhancement of this system is developed by me, supervised by Dr. Amali Weerasinghe.

The new features developed in student model including a live updated progress displayed in main page, encouraging messages shown in a pop-up window, and other features, such as milestones module, student ability evaluation, and difficulty level jumping.

The system uses JavaScript in front-end development and Allegro Lisp in back-end.

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